Liaoyang  diol  Chemicals  Co.,Ltd.
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    Liaoyang Diol Chemicals Co., Ltd. is set up in 1998. It is a joint venture with new high technology in the field of intermediates in researching, producing, marketing and distributing for pharmaceutical and the other industries. Liaoyang Diol has a laboratory, one Chemical plant.

    Since the company is established, over 20 products have been manufactured.The product has high quality and competitive price. We hope that we will cooperate with you in the near future.Our main products are as following: pinacol,2-phenylpyridine,2-(4-tolyl)pyridine,2-(4-Bromophenyl)pyridine,2-(4-fluorophenyl)pyridine,2-(2,4-difluorophenyl)pyridine,2,4 -dipyridyl, 2,3-dipyridyl,2-(2-Thienyl)pyridine etc.